Academic, Teaching & Learning

Workstream Leaders:

  • David Denieffe, Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Registrar, ITC
  • Derek O’Byrne, Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Registrar, WIT

WG 1 - Governing Structures for Academic Affairs. A comparative analysis of the academic governance structures of both institutions with consideration of other HEIs both nationally and internationally to identify effective and productive governance structures, framework for governing council and mechanisms which could be adopted by the new TU.

WG 2 - Academic Profile and Strategy.  The codifying of programme portfolio profiles for both institutions with analysis and strategy thereafter based against international best practice.  The development of a regulatory framework, policy for programme development, programme review cycles and provision of portfolio offerings for the proposed merged academic profile of the new TU.

WG 3 - Awards Standards, Regulation and QA Environment.  Development of the proposed new TU regulatory framework, the new quality framework and all associated policies and the new award approval process. The alignment and integration of an overall quality assurance process including marks and standards.

WG 4 - Academic Administration. The in-depth analysis of the similarities and divergences of academic administration of both institutes while adopting best practice in preparation for the new organisation to operate effecting from designation day with an integrated process for all internal and external stakeholders.

WG 5 - Teaching and Learning. The codifying of teaching, learning and assessment strategies of both institutes benchmarked against best practice approaches both nationally and internationally which will inform what the framework for embedding and supporting policies for teaching, learning and assessment matters in new TU.