Workstream Leaders:

  • Dr. Richard Hayes, Vice President for Strategy, WIT
  • Dr. Karen Hennessy, Head of Wexford Campus, ITC

Both the Institute of Technology Carlow and Waterford Institute of Technology are multi-campus organisations as both institutes deliver academic programmes, locate staff and students, and engage in other activities across multiple sites throughout the South East and beyond.

This workstream endeavours to develop an understanding of the existing activities across both Institutes. This understanding of multi-campus activities will be supplemented by typological analysis and descriptive accounts of the histories, cultures, and activities of the campuses of the future TUSEI. Furthermore, a knowledge of multi-campus best practice will be determined by conducting a literature review on best practice in the organisation, management, and operation of multi-campus universities, informed by examples from Ireland and abroad. A unitary, integrated approach to a multi-campus university will progress from the studies of campus typology and multi-campus best practice.


This approach will;

(a) articulate the strengths and opportunities presented to the TUSEI through a multi-campus structure;

(b) articulate a unitary, integrated model in respect of multi-campus delivery for the TUSEI in the context of the overall aspiration for the TUSEI to be a university of international standing and in the light of international best practice; and

(c) describe the resource profile needed to deliver these optimum arrangements and realise this potential.


Workstream Working Groups:

WG 1 - Campus Typology

WG 2 - Multi-Campus Best Practice

WG 3 - A Unitary, Integrated Approach