Workstream Leaders:

  • Dr. Helen Murphy, Head of School of Lifelong Learning & Education, WIT
  • Dr. Joseph Collins, Head of Faculty of Lifelong Learning, ITC

Workstream 5 is dedicated to supporting the external engagement of the new TU. The workstream is identifying and developing the overall profile for societal/regional engagement that characterises and describes TUSEI and aligns with its regional role and global remit. The work of the three working groups in the workstream is focused on developing an approach to framing TUSEI as a regionally-engaged university and developing mechanisms for structured engagement with other providers and stakeholders across the region. The workstream is also developing an approach and strategy/policies on internationalisation in close liaison with the academic workstream (WS3).

Key activities in the workstream include considering how TUSEI will reinforce and build regional capacity, social and cultural sustainability and regional innovation and skills. There is a strong overlap with other workstreams in for example, developing approaches to identifying engagement activities that are embedded across research and teaching, and the development of common policies for industry and external engagement, intellectual property, social innovation and cultural industries as well as a strategy and policies for internationalisation.


List of working groups (WG) in the workstream:

WG 1 - Regional Engagement

WG 2 - Civic and Cultural Engagement

WG 3 - Internationalisation

WG 4 - Lifelong Learning