Workstream Leaders:

  • Dr. Suzanne Denieffe, Head of School of Humanities, WIT
  • Declan Doyle, Vice President for Development and Research, ITC

The Institute of Technology Carlow and the Waterford Institute of Technology appreciate the significance of communications for internal and external stakeholders. This workstream appraises various elements carried out within the communications structures of higher level educational and business institutions, generating integrated communications processes for the TUSEI.

An undertaking of this workstream is the development and implementation of a TUSEI brand, and integrated marketing and communications brand strategy.  Additionally, the creation of an operations policy and procedure for overall TUSEI marketing and communications will be created. This strategy will be determined through the evaluation and refinement of current standard operating procedures in both Institutes and comprehensive examination of best practice operating in various organisations.

Furthermore, part of the communications platform necessitates the design and implementation of an integrated Institute of Technology Carlow and Waterford Institute of Technology website. The development of this website will reflect the TUSEI brand, vision and needs of all relevant stakeholders. Integrated in this workstream is the pursuit of undergraduate outreach and school liaison activities. Hence, to augment and strengthen these activities the production of a calendar of outreach activities and events will be produced, achieved through the mapping of current engagement activities. The outcome of which will lead to the design and implementation of a TUSEI undergraduate liaison and outreach strategy.


Workstream Working Groups:

WG 1 - Brand

WG 2 - Communications Processes and Procedures

WG 3 - Website

WG 4 - Undergraduate Outreach / School Liaison