Advisory Group

In recognition of the importance of engaging regional stakeholders in the formation of the TUSEI, the TUSEI Regional Engagement Advisory Group was established in January 2021.

The Group’s work is focused on: providing advice on how best to create a framework for on-going structured and effective dialogue, collaboration and innovation between TUSEI and key stakeholders across the region; identifying appropriate shared objectives, rooted in a robust and shared analysis of regional needs and opportunities, and co-created with regional partners; identifying how regional engagement can be designed from the outset into the TUSEI processes of teaching and learning, research and innovation; and identifying opportunities for the TUSEI consortium and the regional stakeholders to co-commission activities and deliver outcomes for developing the sustainability of the region.

The Group is chaired jointly by the Presidents of ITC and WIT and includes representatives from industry, business, public authorities, and civic and cultural organisations. It is intended that a larger and more broadly-based assembly of all stakeholders in the region, will be established in the coming months as part of the project’s engagement and communications activities.